Wednesday, June 4, 2014

This is the Mobile Features Performance AMD APU 2014

Answering the needs of the commercial marketplace continues to evolve , the need for stability and performance of an enterprise system , AMD introduced a line of APU Mobile Performance . Designed specifically for business needs , components PRO AMD A - Series offers exceptional stability and durability .

In conjunction with the announcement of the launch of PRO AMD A -Series , HP helped unveil the Elite Series line of commercial PC using AMD designed PRO series . HP EliteBook system of which 725 , 745 and 755 G2 notebooks and All-in -One desktop PC EliteOne and EliteDesk .
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Marks the debut of a new mobile APU Heterogeneous Systems Architecture ( HSA ) and the Graphics Core Next architecture ( GCN ) for mobile devices , making it the leading mobile APU from AMD . Notebook and desktop systems based on AMD APU in 2014 , include Acer , Asus , Dell , HP , Lenovo , Samsung , Toshiba and others are also made ​​its debut at the Computex Taipei 2014 , which lasts 2-4 June 2014 .

Here are the features Performance AMD APU Mobile 2014 :

Revolutionary Architecture
- Up to 12 Compute Core ( 4 CPUs + 8 GPUs ) made ​​an incredible responsive performance , bringing a whole APU capabilities for a variety of applications and workloads
- New features Heterogeneous Systems Architecture ( HSA ) allows the CPU and GPU to work together with the right to separate workloads in order to present to both high and efficient performance for desktop and consumer and commercial notebook , marking a new era of computing capabilities using the compute cores
- Graphics Core Next architecture with AMD Radeon ™ graphics card R7 series
- Support UltraHD resolution ( 4K ) and video post-processing enhancement that could make 1080p videos look perfect when upscaled on a monitor or TV UltraHD

Games and Best Entertainment Experience
- Support API Mantle to facilitate programmers and developers in creating quality games
- AMD Radeon ™ Dual Graphics present a performance increase of 49 percent to 108 percent for the best gaming experience
- Features Quick Stream AMD , AMD and AMD Steady Video TrueAudio technologies are combined to serve as a real sound and visual
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Top performance
- A10 - APU : graphics performance up to 50 percent better performance computing and 1.2x better than Intel ® i5 - 4200U ( " Haswell " )
- FX APU : graphics performance up to 58 percent better performance computing and 1.13 x better than the Intel ® i7 - 4500U ( " Haswell " )
- FX APU : graphics performance per watt up to 40 percent better than the previous generation
- FX APU : System computation per watt up to 30 percent better than the previous generation


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