Wednesday, June 4, 2014

This is the Mobile Features Performance AMD APU 2014

Answering the needs of the commercial marketplace continues to evolve , the need for stability and performance of an enterprise system , AMD introduced a line of APU Mobile Performance . Designed specifically for business needs , components PRO AMD A - Series offers exceptional stability and durability .

In conjunction with the announcement of the launch of PRO AMD A -Series , HP helped unveil the Elite Series line of commercial PC using AMD designed PRO series . HP EliteBook system of which 725 , 745 and 755 G2 notebooks and All-in -One desktop PC EliteOne and EliteDesk .
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Marks the debut of a new mobile APU Heterogeneous Systems Architecture ( HSA ) and the Graphics Core Next architecture ( GCN ) for mobile devices , making it the leading mobile APU from AMD . Notebook and desktop systems based on AMD APU in 2014 , include Acer , Asus , Dell , HP , Lenovo , Samsung , Toshiba and others are also made ​​its debut at the Computex Taipei 2014 , which lasts 2-4 June 2014 .

Here are the features Performance AMD APU Mobile 2014 :

Revolutionary Architecture
- Up to 12 Compute Core ( 4 CPUs + 8 GPUs ) made ​​an incredible responsive performance , bringing a whole APU capabilities for a variety of applications and workloads
- New features Heterogeneous Systems Architecture ( HSA ) allows the CPU and GPU to work together with the right to separate workloads in order to present to both high and efficient performance for desktop and consumer and commercial notebook , marking a new era of computing capabilities using the compute cores
- Graphics Core Next architecture with AMD Radeon ™ graphics card R7 series
- Support UltraHD resolution ( 4K ) and video post-processing enhancement that could make 1080p videos look perfect when upscaled on a monitor or TV UltraHD

Games and Best Entertainment Experience
- Support API Mantle to facilitate programmers and developers in creating quality games
- AMD Radeon ™ Dual Graphics present a performance increase of 49 percent to 108 percent for the best gaming experience
- Features Quick Stream AMD , AMD and AMD Steady Video TrueAudio technologies are combined to serve as a real sound and visual
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Top performance
- A10 - APU : graphics performance up to 50 percent better performance computing and 1.2x better than Intel ® i5 - 4200U ( " Haswell " )
- FX APU : graphics performance up to 58 percent better performance computing and 1.13 x better than the Intel ® i7 - 4500U ( " Haswell " )
- FX APU : graphics performance per watt up to 40 percent better than the previous generation
- FX APU : System computation per watt up to 30 percent better than the previous generation


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Predicted Today Rupiah Slightly

The rupiah re- tested strength in the U.S. dollar rising . In the midst of the holidays ahead in the Indonesian market , despite the increase in dollars trying to predict thin .

As of Tuesday ( 05/27/2014 ) afternoon majority of Asian currencies weakened . Rupiah closed trade on Tuesday due to a national holiday , closed higher after dropping sharply on Monday ( 5/26/2014 ) morning .

Research Samuel Securities Indonesia saw today retained the strengthening U.S. dollar in the global market opportunity to help strengthen the rupiah although only thin .

Rupiah expected to hover around Rp 11550-11650 per U.S. dollar .
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Forex trading volume will still be thin considering Thursday ( 29/05/2014 ) back off the market tomorrow .

U.S. data itself is not so good , so the strengthening of the U.S. dollar retained . The euro continues to weaken to 1.36 bated decline began after U.S.
data announced last night is not all good .

Strengthening of the U.S. dollar is expected today restrained . U.S. GDP revised data first quarter of this year the expected return likely to help further U.S. dollar weakness .


Sunday, May 25, 2014

PT Basuki accusations JM Politicization Monorail Project

Jakarta Vice Governor Tjahaja Basuki Purnama said that PT Jakarta Monorail ( JM ) has been politicized to the project .

The statement is behind the allegations against JM that a few days ago has been accused Basuki has been politicized , so the signing of cooperation agreements ( MCC ) never implemented .

" Now they're ugly - jelekin I continue . Already Pay TV , ngiklan everywhere , ngadain discussion . Guy ya think PT JM terrific been advertising everywhere . Meaning what , they're playing politics . Want to play politics for my pressed , " Basuki said at City Hall on Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) .

According to Basuki , PT JM has a lot to hide some facts , one of which is the inclusion . He said that the company never told the public that the majority of their income will not come from ticket sales , but rental property .
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" Have not they mention in the ad that 80 percent of their income from the property ? Never ! " he asserted .

As reported , a few days ago Director of PT Jakarta Monorail John Aryananda Basuki has been accused of politicizing the monorail project . He regretted that Basuki is often called the monorail is not feasible .

" The government ( city government ) has been working with our pick . , But why now even impressed politicized , " said John in a discussion , in the Brass City , South Jakarta , " he said , Saturday ( 24/05/2014 ) .


Friday, May 23, 2014

Before the Fall of Floor 33, Goddard buried Something

Dewi Susanti, the young woman who jumped from the 33rd floor of Tower Apartment Thamrin Residence in Jalan KH Mas Mansyur, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta, a week before kejadia be quiet. Relatives assess Goddess, Goddess pendiamnya since harbored a problem but do not want to tell.

Reni Agata, Goddess relatives say, whenever asked what was the matter? Goddess only nodded or shook his head. Thursday, May 22, 2014 Goddess comes with a three year old daughter.

Susan admitted, knowing that the Goddess was killed recently when his son cries jumps.
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"At approximately 4:30 pm, I heard a baby's cry Goddess. Upon checking, it turns out there is a small bench on the promenade near the window that is already open. As seen below, there is a woman who fell," said Reni told reporters in Jakarta, Friday (23 / 5/2013).

Meanwhile, Head of the Police Sector (police chief) Tanah Abang AKBP Setiadji Anom said, so far it has not found any element of force in the incident. Because the relatives of the victims also do not know what the problem is being experienced by the victim.

"From the crime scene is pure suicide, it is reinforced with plastic chairs in the balcony," he said.

Previously, Dewi Susanti (26), died horribly after falling from the 33rd floor of Tower Apartment Thamrin Residence, Jalan Kebun Kacang, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta. The victim was killed with a condition serious head injuries and a broken right leg, as well as the nose, mouth and ears bleed.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Appendices: Leader Islamic Organizations Should Neutral

Rector of the State Islamic University ( UIN ) Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta , Komarudin Hidayat , called on all leaders of Muslim-based community organizations to neutral in the presidential election of 2014.

Specifically requests that he addressed to the leadership of Nahdlatul Ulama and Muhammadiyah as an Islamic organization with the largest mass number . " We recommend that the leadership of Islamic organizations , Muhammadiyah and NU in particular , to be neutral in this election , " said Komarudin , when contacted from Jakarta , Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) .

Komarudin explained , NU and Muhammadiyah leaders must be able to perform the role as moral guardian and protector of society . Regarding political choice , all the rights of individuals and do not need to lead the public to choose a particular candidate .
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In his observations , appendices assess this year's election is still thick colored transactional practice and direction only to seize power . In this situation , said appendices , NU and Muhammadiyah leaders must be good at maintaining its integrity as a scholar should . " Enlighten the people , and the referee in his position as a public figure , " he concluded .

As is known , the large number of Muslim voters in Indonesia makes all shaft that fought in the 2014 presidential election by way of holding leaders scramble Islamic organizations . For example , figure NU Said Aqil Siradj and Mahfud MD support Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa and Chairman PP NU 's Women Khofifah Indar Parawansa who became spokesman Joko Widodo .


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

10 Thousand Residents flee Ukraine

At least 10,000 people fled their homes since the beginning of the crisis Ukraine , the Crimean Tatar residents were hardest hit communities , the United Nations refugee agency said on Tuesday .

" Displacement in Ukraine started before the referendum in the Crimea and since then continues to increase , " said Adrian Edwards , spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees ( UNHCR ) mmenyiarkan when that figure .

" Most of those who were displaced are ethnic Tatars , although local authorities have also reported an increase in the number of registrations of ethnic Ukrainians , Russians and mixed families , " he told reporters.
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Mostly, 10,000 people were displaced in the country - remain in Ukraine . " Number of asylum seekers Ukraine in other countries remain low , " said Edwards .

Pro - Moscow forces who took over the Crimean peninsula rferendum held in March - which is not recognized by Ukraine and the international community - and it soon dianekasi southern provinces of Russia .

High tensions between the Muslim Crimean Tatars and ethnic Russians that province .

" Among the reports that we have heard from the refugees is that they leave their homes because of direct threats or worrying lack amanya or tortured , " said Edwards .

" Some reports are diterma presence ancman by telephone or threat messages left on their property , " he said .

Most of the 10,000 refugees moved to the central and western Ukraine , he added .

Ukraine was hit by the fighting between government forces against pro - Moscow separatist groups in the eastern region of the Russian -speaking population of the former Soviet republic .

Edwards said he did not pick the other data for the population fled to eastern Ukraine .

" The situation in the eastern area of ​​obvious causes of displacement . Situation is very difficult for many people . Situation is not stable , " he added , according to AFP .


Monday, May 19, 2014

Fadel Muhammad: Golkar Along the Prabowo

Golkar Party will form a coalition with Gerindra and Prabowo support Presidential Candidate in Presidential Election (Election) next July.

This information is justified Vice Chairman of Golkar Party, Fadel Muhammad, via text message, on Monday (19/05/2014).

"Against Prabowo course," said the former Minister of Marine and Fisheries was related attitudes Golkar in the upcoming presidential election.
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Meanwhile, Deputy Treasurer General Bambang Soesatyo DPP Golkar Party declared, until now there is still a serious conversation between Golkar chairman Bakrie with Gerindra candidates Prabowo.

"Right now there's talk seriously with Prabowo," said Fadel.

Bakrie plans to attend the declaration of a vice presidential candidate who will accompany Prabowo in Polonia House, on Monday at 13:00 pm.

Prabowo is currently supported coalition Gerindra, PPP, PKS and PAN.


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Make Use All DPW PKB to Kukuhkan Support to Jokowi

National Awakening Party will strengthen support for the presidential candidate in a national consolidation Joko Widodo , Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) afternoon . During the meeting , the CLA exert all council leaders to discuss the region .

"Later we will explain the present DPW about the party 's official stance , Jokowi confirmed as a candidate , " said Secretary General of the Imam Nahrawi in DPP PKB PKB , Cikini , Central Jakarta , on Tuesday.
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The discussion in the meeting also includes winning strategy Jokowi as a candidate . Imam said , support for the CLA Jokowi done because it is the attitude of the party that can best be taken at this time .

" The official response to Jokowi because baseball is no alternative but to support Jokowi win , " he said .

Imam hoped that Jokowi be present in the next meeting so that all DPW can express support directly to the candidate who carried coalition PDI - P , PKB , and the Nasdem Party .

In addition to the socialization of support for Jokowi , the national consolidation later , the CLA will evaluate the results of recapitulation plenary legislative elections by the Election Commission .


Friday, May 2, 2014

Arrange Aceh Islamic Education Curriculum

Government of Aceh is preparing Islamic education curriculum in an effort to realize the implementation of Islamic law in menyuluruh ( kaffah ) in the Muslim -majority provinces .

"We are currently preparing the stage for a curriculum that can hopefully be applied to the 2014-2015 school year , " said Head of Education Aceh Anas M Adam in Banda Aceh , Friday ( 2/5 ) .

After the ceremony of National Education Day ( Education Day ) in 2014 which was attended by the Governor of Aceh Zaini Abdullah and thousands of students in Banda Aceh , he explained that the Qanun ( Regulation ) Education Aceh is currently being revised .

" Islamic education curriculum that will be included in the revised qanun being done related parties in Aceh . So after the completion of the qanun , the next phase will develop the curriculum , " he added .

Anas explained , Islamic education curriculum that will be developed that will be integrated with the general knowledge of religion , not only adds an hour lesson but also improve the ability of teachers .

Head of Education Aceh also explained to the teachers of religious instruction is sufficient , but the public needs to be improved is the teacher who should be given the knowledge of religion .
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But most importantly , according to Anas is how to incorporate learning materials to the general knowledge of Islam . Maybe it will work closely with teachers from boarding school for religious material .

On the other hand , he also mentions the quality of education in Aceh has increased , especially since 2013. It can be seen from the value of the average achievement of students in Aceh increased compared to previous years .

For example , he said . achievement of value for teaching science , Aceh lies ninth in the national rankings . While for social studies , Aceh is ranked 13th nationally .

Then , in terms of ability of teachers , Aceh is getting better compared to previous years . Achievement, teacher Aceh now ranks 28 ( 2013) at the position of the previous 31 .

" We see no change in that ability and the quality of education and teachers in Aceh is getting better . We expect in 2014 , ranking teachers in Aceh will be even better , " said Anas M Adam


Balance of Trade Surplus U.S. $ 0.68 Billion

Central Statistics Agency ( BPS ) recorded Indonesia's trading surplus in March amounted to U.S. $ 0.68 billion . This is thanks to the amount of the non-oil sector surplus of U.S. $ 2.05 billion , while the oil and gas sector trade balance deficit of U.S. $ 1.37 billion .

Head of BPS , Suryamin , at his office today revealed the value of Indonesian exports in March reached U.S. $ 15.21 billion, up 3.95 percent compared to February exports .

" Cumulatively , the value of Indonesia's exports in January-March reached U.S. $ 44.32 billion, down 2.42 percent from the same period of 2013. Similarly, non-oil exports reached U.S. $ 36.45 billion, down 2.20 per cent , " he said .
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By sector , industrial exports in January- March 2014 rose 3.55 percent over the same period last year . In addition , the export of agricultural products rose 4.87 percent , while exports of mining products and other down 24.19 percent .

Furthermore, he explained , the value of imports of Indonesia in March of this year reached U.S. $ 14.54 billion, up 5.42 percent compared to February 2014 . However , when compared to March 2013 Indonesian imports fell 2.34 percent .

Non-oil imports in March 2014 reached U.S. $ 10.53 billion, or naik1 , 94 percent compared to February 2014 , while imports when compared to March last year , it dropped 4.10 percent .

He said oil imports in March 2014 reached U.S. $ 4.01 billion, rose 15.83 percent compared to February 2014 , while imports when compared to March 2013 , the value rose 2.61 percent .

He added , the cumulative value of imports from January to March this year amounted to U.S. $ 43.25 billion, down 5.27 percent compared to the same period imports last year . Cumulative value of imports consist of oil imports of U.S. $ 11.01 billion ( down 4.33 percent ) and non-oil imports sebesarUS $ 32.23 billion ( down 5.58 percent ) .

He added that , of the three main areas of trade Internasional Indonesia , all have a surplus in March . ASEAN increase of U.S. $ 2.3 million .

Meanwhile , Indonesia's trade in the European Union also have a surplus of U.S. $ 334.3 million . And other major countries , such as China , Japan , United States , India , South Korea , the overall surplus of U.S. $ 389.8 million . ( ren )


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

6 Injured in Shooting FedEx warehouse in the U.S.

The shooting incident occurred again the United States ( U.S. ) . A man on a rampage and opened fire on the building belonging to FedEx in Georgia . The incident injuring six people and perpetrators committed suicide .

Three people are known in critical condition due to these shootings , two of them in life-threatening condition . While remaining relatively minor injuries .
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The incident occurred when a 19-year -old man entered the FedEx warehouse in Kennesaw , Georgia . The shooter is identified as Geddy L.Kramer , first opened fire at security guards at the entrance .

After successful entry into the FedEx warehouse environment , the young man then fired a five shot again . Kramer knows a warehouse worker who enters the barn with full force .

" He put the bullet in the body like Rambo . He seemed to want to go to war , " said Liza Aiken , as quoted by the Associated Press , Wednesday ( 30/04/2014 ) .

After the shooting , the authorities make visits to the FedEx building . They found Molotov cocktails . While the motive for the shooting has not been known until now .

Kramer himself can not be questioned because of the direct suicide after doing the shootings . Known , Kramer was killed by his own gun .


Preparation of Zoning Sea Fishermen Called to Protect

Head of Keluatan and Fisheries ( DKP ) Pandeglang , Banten , Tata Nanzar zonase Riyadi stated that the preparation of the sea to protect local fishermen .

" During this time many of our fishermen who were arrested for alleged activities in the area of conservation , even though they do not know if it has been acting wrong , " he said in Pandeglang , Tuesday ( 29/4 ) .
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The fishermen , he said , not knowing if it had engaged in conservation areas , because marine zoning in the area Pandeglang no settings. According to him , the fishermen only know that the fishing zone was located in the region of 12 miles from shore .

To protect the fishermen it was , he said , the Government Pandeglang immediately make ocean zoning , in which will be regulated catchments , conservation and more.

" This year we will develop a strategic plan ( Strategic Plan ) zoning , and to the activities of the existing budget allocation of Rp 100 million from the budget Pandeglang , " he said .

Once the strategic plan is composed , he added , there will be a new process for the preparation of zoning and expected in 2015 has been completed . He stated , preparation of marine zoning is a must and very useful for regional interests .

" Actually, it's not just zoning to protect fishermen , but also matters related to defense and security and safety islands in the waters Pandeglang , " he said .

Tata also said , in Indonesia only six districts / cities that already have a marine zoning rules , including Serang .


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Cries of "imaging" and "Life Jokowi" at Pasar Senen

Arrival Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo at the former location of the fire , Block III Pasar Senen , Central Jakarta , Saturday ( 26/04/2014 ) , welcomed traders . There were cheering Jokowi come only for imaging , there is also praise the actions Jokowi fast and responsive in the face of disaster .

Observation , Jokowi wearing a long-sleeved white shirt , came around 16:30 pm . Login via Jalan Pasar Senen , he went directly to the second floor to the market . Step Jokowi traders welcomed various comments around .
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" Ah , another disaster like this to come , not imaging , sir , " shouted one trader who looks middle relax after evacuating the merchandize .

In fact , there is a merchant who claims residents of Solo screaming that he was not helped evacuate merchandise . " Do not be silenced in here alone , " said another trader . However , many traders also praised the arrival Jokowi .

" Life Jokowi . Soon wake shelter sir . Mr. interviews I 've heard on TV , live Jokowi , " said another trader evacuation pause goods .

However , Jokowi did not respond to the shouts of the traders . He remained stepped down muddy the former location of the fire because the fire fighting water . Jokowi was serious discussion with firefighters Jakarta and Director of PD Pasar Jaya Djangga Lubis .

Senen Market Block III engulfed in the flames on Friday morning . Data PD Pasar Jaya said the fire was struck most of the first floor , second floor and third floor . Approximately 3,096 kiosks are victims of fires . This amount consists of 640 stalls , 1,577 counters , 392 and 503 los los clothing . There was no casualty in the fire that the cause is unknown .


Friday, April 25, 2014

Android Beat iOS Total Ad Impressions

Although still lagging behind in terms of advertising revenue over iOS , but Android is reported to have passed the number of ad impressions IOS .

Like the latest data from Opera MediaWorks ad tracking that shows that for the first time Android surpassed iOS in the number of mobile ad impressions , as reported by 9to5google .

From these data indicate that Android devices , both phones and tablets , accounted for 42.8 % of mobile ad impressions , while iOS devices accounted for less by 38.2 % .
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But even so the Apple iPhone and iPad are still generating better ad revenue , with 52 % receiving .

Android is gradually rising in the second position on advertising revenue and traffic in recent years , beating the BlackBerry and Symbian .

Google OS is up more than six points compared to this time last year , and now controls 33.5 % of global advertising revenues . This shows most of this thanks to the many devices that use Android , which now reaches nearly 80 % of all smartphones according to IDC .

Samsung still occupies the first position as the top vendor of Android devices , which get the percentage up to 60 % of all mobile ad impressions in the first quarter of this year . Mobile ads mainly driven by the U.S. market , which accounts for over 50 % of all ad traffic . As for the Asia- Pacific region come from emerging markets like China which is almost 23 % , while Europe accounted for only 13 % .


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Two Unexpected Sexual Offenders in JIS There are contracting Herpes

The results of the examination of the two herpes viruses janitor Jakarta International School ( JIS ) , the AJ and ZA , negative . Not found in the two herpes viruses such as those found in the body of the kindergarten students JIS , AK .

It was made Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police Comr Rikwanto , Tuesday ( 02/22/2014 ) . According to him , the both of them , found only ordinary bacteria , not the cause of herpes .

" Two negatives , no bacterium . There is little , but do not touch . Bacteria that commonly exist in every person , " said Rikwanto .

Rikwanto said it plans to call back the doctor who examined the two men to see , inspect , and obtain scientific information .

Previously , Rikwanto said , as many as 28 school employees have been examined in Kramat Jati Police Hospital . The examination is performed to obtain employee health post mortem is likely to sexually abuse students , also to get people with herpes who transmitted the virus to the victim .

" They were all men of the ISS . Examination to look for other alleged perpetrators , " he said .

In addition to employees , police also examined the teaching staff at the school as well as the near future plans call JIS Principal , Timothy Carr , to get information about education in the school system .
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"In the future we will call the principal to provide information in relation to the education system , supervision , and how security there could be missed in school why , " he said .


4 Charged In Bui , Boss Indoguna : Too High

4 Charged In Bui , Boss Indoguna : Too High
President Director of PT Indoguna Main Mary Elizabeth Liman KPK prosecutors demanded four years in prison . Mary felt the charge was too severe in the case of bribery additional quota beef imports in the Ministry of Agriculture .

" I am not guilty . Demand was too high , " said Maria after the trial at the Jakarta Corruption Court , Tuesday, April 22, 2014 . Yet he was reluctant to disclose the reasons he felt the charge was too high . "Ask my lawyer alone . " ( Read : PT Indoguna Sued Boss 4 Years in Prison )
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Legal counsel Maria , Denny Kailimang , said the facts revealed in the trial is a series of events between Elda Devianne fathanah Adiningrat and Ahmad , a confidant of former President PKS Lutfi Hasan Ishaaq .

Denny felt his client was just tricked by fathanah and Elda . " Strictly speaking , the minister and his staff say there is no more quotas since January 20, 2013 , " said Denny . ( Read also : Bosses Sued PT Indoguna 4 Years in Prison )

He said the prosecution is not in accordance with the facts that occurred . Thus , he will put it in a private memorandum Elda and team defense counsel . " It's very tough course , later we will defense , " said Denny .


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Missing 8 Days, Search Officially Suspended Enriko

Tim volunteers Magelang regency finally stop searching for Enriko ( 24 ) , a student of Nursing Bureu Ngesti Waluyo , PARAKAN , TEMANGGUNG , reported drifting in the river since Saturday ( 4/12/2014 ) ago.

"Today is the eighth day we do a search , but until 16.00 pm there was no signs of the presence of Enriko , so we decided to stop the search . Whole volunteers involved are we pull , " said Volunteer Coordinator Field Magelang regency , Irianto Purwadi , Saturday ( 19/04/2014 ) .

In addition there was no indication of the existence of Enriko , more Irianto , this is due to the physical condition of the volunteers are from fatigue . And logistics that are no longer sufficient .

Irianto mention , at least 30 personnel from various groups of volunteers were involved in the search , while using Progo Regency of Magelang streams . They were joined by teams from BASARNAS Semarang , Magelang regency SAR team and TEMANGGUNG , Body Penanggulanan District Disaster ( BPBD ) , and a number of citizens .

Some points of focus the search , among others , under the bridge and Brojonalan Sigug , Borobudur District , and Bridge Bligo , Sub Ngluwar the dikoordinatori the team of volunteers from Yogyakarta .

" We 've done a search efforts , among others, by monitoring the flow of the river Progo , sweeping , to dive , " said Irianto or familiar called Mbah Jliteng it .

Irianto admit , during the search , volunteers had to face many obstacles such as rivers flood tide conditions , and bad weather . Other constraints , Irianto said , the lack of attention from ( BPBD ) Magelang regency .

While acknowledging that his provision of assistance in the form of inflatable boats from BPBD , but they still have to go through a procedure that is considered difficult .

Previously reported, the student Enriko Ngesti Waluyo PARAKAN Regency Nursing Bureu TEMANGGUNG reported drifting river floods swept Galeh PARAKAN , while fishing on Saturday ( 12/04/2014 ) then . Victims with two friends, Arnaldo ( 19 ) original Lampung and Dimas ( 20 ) original Lumajang , East Java. But Arnaldo and Dimas manage to save himself after a swim to the river bank .
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Hundreds of searchers personnel were able to find the maximum casualties from the scene to extend to the river Progo Magelang Regency which is approximately 40-45 miles . " Then we wait for information from citizens if one sees the corpse Enriko existence , " says Irianro .


Harassment in JIS , Police Holds Mini Reconstruction

Police stated resolve serious cases of sexual pelecean experienced a kindergarten student Jakarta International School ( JIS ) in South Jakarta . Faith was delivered by the Jakarta Police Chief Inspector General Dwi Priyatno after meeting with the victim's mother .

" He is mandated to focus and that all perpetrators be punished , " said Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police Commissioner Rikwanto , Friday, April 18, 2014 .
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Following up the order, stating Rikwanto investigators will conduct further investigation against the alleged perpetrators of the other , opening the door a report if there are other victims , to hold a reconstruction plan in the near future mini .

So far police have set three suspects , namely Agun , Cloud , and Afriska . The first two names already admitted his actions and detained by police . Two other unexpected , Za and An is still under investigation .

If the fifth convicted of the harassment , the police will be dressed in Article 82 of Law No. 23 of 2002 on Child Protection . Performers will be punishable by a maximum of 15 years or a maximum fine of Rp 60 million .


Friday, April 18, 2014

Search Rubble MH370, U.S. Drone Comb Sea More In

Search Rubble MH370 , U.S. Drone Comb Sea More In
The search process wreckage Malaysia Airlines MH370 using underwater drones United States Navy , the Bluefin - 21 , now in its fifth day since lowered Monday night , April 14, 2014.

In today's search process , the Joint Coordinating Board Center ( JACC ) in Perth , Australia , said it would force the Bluefin - 21 to comb the sea area at a depth of over 4,500 meters .

In fact , as reported by Channel News Asia , Friday, April 18, 2014 , yellow drones roaming capabilities it only reaches a maximum depth of 4.5 kilometers . Yet according to representatives of JACC , manufacturer Bluefin - 21 permit that risk .

" Expansion of operating parameters allow Bluefin - 21 to comb the ocean floor to a certain extent in the current search area , " said a representative JACC . But they do not mention how the Bluefin - 21 will be forced to dive exceeds the maximum limit .

While sweeping was done four days earlier positive results have not been fruitful . Bluefin - 21 , said JACC , have been looking at an area of ​​110 square kilometers today. But have not seen anything significant on the seabed .

" The results of the analysis of data from the fourth mission did not provide any information , " JACC said in a written statement .

Shipwreck of expectations is also evident from the results of the oil spills were found around the findings of four ping signal last week .

From the results of the initial analysis of samples obtained from oil spills , JACC concluded that liquid fuel instead of air or hydraulic fluid .

Despite entering the fifth day use of underwater drones have not produced results , Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott still giving a maximum of one week opportunity to lower the Bluefin - 21 to comb the entire search area .

" We are confident that this search process will be completed within one week or less , " said Abbott cited the Wall Street Journal .
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Up to one week if it has not been found aircraft debris , then they will stop and reconsider the next step .

Neither Abbott nor the Executive Minister of Transport Malaysia , Hishammuddin Hussein , vowing not to stop the search process Boeing 777-200 ER 's .

They plan to deploy the technology and more advanced tools to be combed in such extreme depths . " We must look first contractor , and the cost of it will certainly big , " said Hishammuddin in Kuala Lumpur .

It is not known whether the search process will still be done by involving several countries or not . " In any event , the search process continues. 's Just a matter of search approach ," said Hishammuddin .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Observer: The removal of the Governing PPP, Reactionary Attitudes Kubu SDA

Political observers of Indonesian Civil Circle , Ray Rangkuti , said the dismissal of the deputy chairman and chairman of the board of representatives of the four regions Builders Unity Party ( PPP ) is a reactionary attitude of loyalists PPP Chairman Suryadharma Ali .

" Dismissal of a chairman and four vice- chairman of the PPP branch is redundant step , " said Ray Rangkuti on Thursday .

According to Ray , Vice- Chairman of the PPP and as many as 27 Monoarfa Monoarfa DPW PPP Chairman Suryadharma Ali criticized the measures that had already been docked to Gerindra party campaign by visiting
The Bung Karno in Jakarta during the campaign .

The critics group , according to Ray , questioned the move Suryadharma Ali came Gerindra campaign as impressed ignoring other names are entered in the exchanges presidential candidate
of the party .

" Mr. Suryadharma group can not simply dismiss the DPP and the DPW board because there are mechanisms and stages are set in AD / ART , " he said .
( Read: suara burung cucak ijo )

Ray added , Suryadharma need to give explanation regarding his return to the campaign ethics Gerindra.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Money Laundering Case Henry, KPK Soetrisno Bachir

Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) questioned former Chairman of the National Mandate Party ( PAN ) , Soetrisno Bachir , Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) . Soetrisno examined as a witness in the case of money laundering ( AML ) that entrap sister Banten Governor Atut Chosiyah , Tubagus Chaeri aka Henry Ward .

" Witness Henry , " said Soetrisno in Building Commission , Jakarta , on Wednesday .

Soetrisno confirmed that investigators examined the possibility he would be related to the ownership of a plot of land in South Jakarta were bought by Henry .

Earlier, DPP Chairman People's Conscience Party ( Hanura ) Fuad Bawazier revealed , Henry never bought their assets and Soetrisno . Assets such as land area of ​​443 square meters in South Jakarta that Henry bought about seven years ago .

Fuad said the prices of assets that Henry purchased under $ 2 billion . Now , it 's official assets under the control of Henry . Fuad do not mind if the asset is later seized Commission .

Commission found more than 100 assets belonging to Henry in the form of land and buildings . The assets found through search performed Commission since Henry set as suspects in the alleged corruption and money laundering related to medical equipment projects in South Tangerang and Banten .
(see also: burung kenari isian )

According to KPK spokesman Johan Budi , assets such as land or the building there will be confiscated Commission . These assets will be seized if it relates to alleged corruption to Henry . So far , the Commission has seized the assets of Henry in the form of vehicles , which consist of 73 cars and one motorbike .


Business Achieved Profit from Storage of Goods

England does not have a personal item storage area industry in the last thirty years . However , as quoted by BBC News , Tuesday, April 15, 2014 , the country now has the industry 's largest storage of personal items in Europe .

" Safety deposit ... this business is very different from the shopping center , not a hotel , not a fashion , it's not a sexy business , " said James Gibson , co-founder of Big Yellow Self Storage Company .

Yes , industrial storage of personal items is not a sexy business that could lure entrepreneurs to menggelutinya . However , industrial warehousing proved able to survive during the recession in a row .

Various brands such as SafeStore , Big Yellow and Access has become a terrain juggling colorful giant warehouse . It is a business that generates annual revenues of up to 500 million euros, equivalent to Rp 8, 5 trillion .
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Industrial storage of personal items is the product of a major sociological shift . Danny Dorling , Pofesor Geography from Oxford University said people today have " stuff " six times more than the previous generation .

Goods such as clothing , furniture , technology products , and other trinkets . In the residential population of the UK , items that require storage.

Plus , today's society instinct to save and hoard goods . It became the perfect conditions for explosive storage area .

However , the condition that it be a business opportunity to make a profit . They were able to read the potential to sell the empty space and become a millionaire storage of goods .

One of them is Rodger Mr Dudding readily or known as Mr. Lock Up . He is a private businessman largest private storage of goods in the UK. He has more than 12,000 garage for storage of personal items . Its business portfolio estimated to reach 100 million euros .

Hard times he experienced when he first set up his business . He had to wait for someone to come to him and politely asked his identity .

If the first he hoped no one would hire her garage to store the car , this time just the opposite . She was flooded with orders rental storage place . 80 Percent of hers garages used for domestic storage .

In contrast to Doug Hampson which gives a modern touch to the place where the goods are disewakanya . He made ​​a clean room corridor equipped with brightly colored doors .

Doug influenced style storage of goods while he was in the United States . Historically , the development of storage of personal items is growing in the United States in the 1960s . Every U.S. citizen has access to 7 square feet for storage.

" We want to make customers totally satisfied , we provide a safe place , no one lives in it , and there are no pipes in that room , " he said .

He and his wife founded the Abbey in 1979, Self - Storage . The initial idea is very simple , Hampson bought the former factory and then created a former warehouse storage area .

A business -luggage may sound less sexy in the eyes of society . Unlike investing in gold , every investor tempted to profit from rising gold prices .

However , the owner of the goods storage company can read the opportunity that the more difficult and costly to acquire the building and land to make the limited storage of personal items of business will be required .
Although they are also increasingly slowed expansion . One lesson that can be drawn from this business , that is, if you want to succeed , you have to think differently from the views of the public at large .


Monday, April 14, 2014

Instruments can also be a Media Diplomacy

JAKARTA - Indonesian Embassy in Australia , proving that media diplomacy must involve not only political . Musical instrument can be a medium to summon cultural diplomacy .

Remarkable collection of musical instruments and innovative sound installation has been created from the imagination of eight sound artists and instrument makers who work side by side in Yogyakarta .

The tools and the artwork created as part of the Project or the Musical Instrument Makers Builders Project ( IBP ) and is now on display at ICAN . The participants have been collaborating for several weeks to conceptualize , create , perform and exhibit new works that is .
see alsovitamin burung metabolisme )

Australian Ambassador to Indonesia Greg Moriarty said , Musical Instrument Makers Project is part of the Arts and Culture Program embassy in 2014 and is also supported by the Australia -Indonesia .

" This project shows the strength of the relationship between Australian and Indonesian citizens . This is an outstanding example of how art and culture can be used to deepen understanding and create personal relationships and a new profession , "said Ambassador Moriarty , in a written statement received Okezone Australian Embassy , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) .

" Personal relationships and culture are actually balancing the Australia-Indonesia relations . I hope that this project marks the beginning of a sustainable relationship between the creative artists involved , "said Moriarty .

Such works include experimental musical instruments , sound sculptures , installations , conceptual and instructional work , and live art .

Wulia Tintin is an Indonesian artist who lives in Brisbane . Tintin create " Odong - Odong Ding Dang " , where two bikes modified to carry a set of traditional musical instrument angklung .

Kristi Monfries and Joel Stern acted as curator IBP . IBP presents the work of Peter Blamey , Mas Wibowo , Caitlin Franzmann , Dale Gorfinkel , Jompet Kuswidananto , Good Pandega , Wukir Suryadi and Tintin Wulia . The project also includes open programs concerts , exhibitions , workshops and seminars .

Arts and Culture 2014 program of the Australian Embassy lasts from March to November and includes concerts , exhibitions of visual arts , dance , literature , fashion , sports and traveling exhibition of science and innovation . The program also includes a program mole artists and artists from both countries exchange .

Arts and Culture 2014 program supported by the Australian Government through the Australia International Cultural Council , the initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia .

Arts and Culture 2014 program is also generously supported by the ANZ Bank , Australia-Indonesia Institute , University of Tasmania , the Government of Northern Australia , Queensland University of Technology , Government of Victoria , Curtin University , Deakin University , Ernst & Young , Flinders University , Macquarie University , University of New South Wales and the University of Queensland .


Sunday, April 13, 2014

There are no recommendations 66 exporters can not sell a product the mine

The Ministry of Trade is still waiting for recommendations from the mining exports Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources . Based on that recommendation, as many as 66 registered exporters can export the mineral .

" Not yet . If you already have a recommendation from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry of Trade to the existing Export Approval , " said Director of Export of Industrial and Mining Ministry of Commerce Thamrin Latuconsina , during a media gathering in Puncak , West Java , yesterday .

He asserted , minerals exporters must obey the Minister of Trade Regulation ( the Regulation ) No. 4 of 2014 concerning the export of mining and refining processing results . " The instrument what ? Each exporter must obtain ET status and obtain approval of mining products exports , " he said .

Of the 66 registered exporters , 40 companies received a recommendation from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources . Ie, holders of mining companies Mining License ( IUP ) .

The rest , 26 exporters are companies registered holder of Industry ( IUI ) which got a recommendation from the Ministry of Industry .
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"This type of mining products recommended include marble , granite , bentonite , gold and silver metals and so forth . "


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Have a Beautiful Sound, Pastor Create Surprise at Wedding Party

An Irish priest gave a very touching surprise for the bride and groom 's wedding procession Chris and Leah O'Kane . With a beautiful sound , the pastor makes surprise invited guests .

As reported by the Daily Mail , Thursday ( 04/10/2014 ) , Cris Pastor Ray Kelly shocked and Leah and the meeting invitation to sing a song called Hallelujah which was sung by Leonard Cohen .

Father Kelly 's actions were documented and distributed to YouTube on April 7, 2014. Video that has been viewed more than 240 thousand users of YouTube attracts attention and a warm conversation in various media in the UK .

Father Kelly , really gave kujutan for all those who are in the wedding ceremony is held in the church Oldcastle in Meath , Ireland .
(see also: Waptrick video clip download)

Before the implementation of the wedding ceremony , Father Kelly told the newlywed couple , family , and guests who attended the event that he would give a little surprise for them .

But , nobody knows what surprises will be given by the pastor who has worked at the church since 2006 earlier Oldcastle it .

In the video it shows Father Kelly began singing with the words " We are joined together here today , to help the two men on their way . Leah and Chirs to start their lives together " .

Pastor Kelly then began to sing a song Hallelujah . The bride and the guests were very surprised and touched by the shock given by Pastor Kelly .

After the pastor finished singing Kelly visitors cheered even some people gave him a standing ovation .

Father Kelly 's action is part of the All Priests Show in Dublin , Ireland , and has also been performed in the United States . This makes Father Kelly plans to release a charity album .


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

NVIDIA technology present Machine Learning with Tesla GPUs

Nvidia technology present Machine Learning with Tesla GPU acceleration that has become a mainstay Adobe , Baidu , Netflix , and Yandex for the purposes of social media and cloud computing .

In accordance with the translation , machine learning is used to train it to teach himself computer by filtering the data . Machine learning algorithms in very handy this could require thousands of CPU -based server for analyzing the amount of data that is very, very large .

However , this is a job that is very suitable for Tesla GPU -based accelerators . Tesla is an extra strong version of the chip that is used to beat up the ranks of gamers aliens and is now widely used to solve a variety of visual computing problems quickly and efficiently .

If you work with images and videos , you would use Adobe software every day . Adobe Creative Cloud is now activating more than 1.8 million users to access the device including applications that use GPU acceleration as Premiere Pro , After Effects , and Photoshop all over the world .

Now the R & D team is pushing the Adobe Creative Cloud that can do much more , using CUDA GPUs to help them build an image processing device that can study in depth (deep learning image processing tool) .

Deep learning or learning in depth could be an obstacle . However , Adobe's software in the future can use this technology to drive a variety of new creative possibilities .

For example , the application can automatically recognize a font style of many images to help users choose the right font for their creative projects . It can even help identify the sentiment of the picture and the elements in a work to help users quickly find another image that presents a sense of identical or similar aesthetics .
(see also: lomba burung dara)

" The move to the Creative Cloud we have encouraged an era of innovation in all directions Adobe . Machine learning with GPU acceleration open the door to a variety of exciting features and capabilities that can speed up the creative process and make your work look different from the others . " said David Howe , director of the Digital Imaging Engineering at Adobe in a press release received ( 7/4 ) .


Monday, March 31, 2014

Where Most Troubled Rarely, Android or iOS?

The Android operating system is expressed as the most stable operating system in the running application . It was revealed from research conducted Crittercism institutions .

The institution assesses the application and system monitoring perfroma " error " is doing research on the millions of apps in the Android and iOS platform to determine how often an application crashes .
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The research , quoted from Digital Trends ( 30/03/2014 ) , the latest Android operating system , KitKat has a low percentage of crashes , which is about 0.7 percent . While iOS 7.1 has a slightly higher percentage , ie 1.6 percent .

For Apple , although the percentage is higher than Android , but the percentage of the total number of crashes of each OS is diminishing . Previously , in iOS 6 , the percentage of problematic application of 2.5 per cent , while in iOS 7.0 to 2.1 percent .

As for Android , KitKat along with Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich be a stable operating system . Version of the OS that has the most bugs by Crittercism is Android Gingerbread , where as many as 1.7 percent of the applications running with crashes .

" Many factors affect the performance of mobile applications , " said CTO Crittercism , Rob Kwok . " More and more mobile platforms are introduced , such as wearable gadgets , adds to the challenge to deliver a consistent user experience of applications , " he added .

But the rank overall , from research conducted by the Crittercism , at least almost half of the current application has the possibility of crashes in the top 1 percent . One-third of existing applications has reached 2 percent the percentage of crashes .

The most frequent application crashes , according to research Crittercism is gaming applications by 4.4 percent . No wonder because this application requires a lot of resources . The second application is an application that frequently crashes media , photos , and videos , amounting to 1.8 percent .
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E - commerce becoming the most dependable applications . The percentage is only 0.4 percent of crashes , sedikti under social and communication applications by 0.6 percent .


Friday, March 14, 2014

Wandering Tiger School Page

A flock of wild tigers roam in the yard of a primary school in the Village of New Basilam , River District Nine , Dumai , Riau , after it was " nap " in the terrace houses .
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A resident of Dumai , Fahmi , told AFP on Wednesday said Dumai , Sumatra tiger berkeliarannya in the yard of the 015 SD was first noticed by the school caretaker .

" The tiger appeared the morning around 06.00 pm and most often re- emerged during the hours of the night , " he said .

One of the Neighborhood Association Chairman ( RT 016 ) in Hamlet Geniot , Mohammad Sharif , said that a week ago the tiger is already appearing in the school yard is not fenced , but recently more often seen in the same location .

" The appearance of a tiger in the school yard is still at certain hours , but still anxious , timid tiger came as hours of active learning , " according katanya.Saat Sharif , not a few people who threatened to kill a herd of wild animals that are protected .

" All the people who want to garden or harvesting oil palm , always ready to bring a sharp machete . Parang it just in case if there is a tiger attack , " he explained . (see also: vitamin burung)

The case of the emergence of the tiger Sharif has reportedly admitted to the village government and the Natural Resources Conservation Center ( BKSDA ) , but so far there has been no follow up on the report.

Previous news that at least 20 animals belonging to residents include chickens and ducks flock is thought to have wiped out the tiger


Friday, March 7, 2014

Know More Far Papaya Fruit

The characteristics and Papaya Fruit Habitat
Papaya is one kind of fruit that is favored by many Indonesian people from all walks of life, from children to adults. Papaya fruit has a characteristic oval shape large round or oval with tapered ends. Unbranched tree, if it is only slightly branched, high around 5 to 10 meters. The leaves are shaped like a hand meyirip 5 and has a long stalk and the central part does not contain a hollow stalk. The fruit is green at a young age and the time is ripe reddish yellow. (see also: pakan burung)

The papaya plants native habitat of tropical forests, but can thrive in the tropics and sub-tropics. This plant is widely grown in dry or wet areas, lowlands and mountains with an altitude up to 1000 meters above sea level. Papaya crop widely grown in the garden or in the yard. How to plant too easy, just use the seeds from ripe papaya.

The types of papaya fruit in Indonesia
While the types of papaya among which:

Papaya Bangkok
Papaya has a very large size compared to other papaya. The papaya weight about 3 to 4 pounds per piece. Bangkok papaya flesh has a reddish orange and papaya tastes sweeter than others. Papaya this one is also more durable and not easily rot.

Papaya Cibinong
Papaya fruit flesh is yellowish red, and green skin color mean, if there is already a mature look slightly yellow color appears. Weight papaya is approximately 2, 5 kilograms per piece.

Papaya Hawaii
Hawaiian papaya has a small size and consumed by only one person. It weighs about a pound and fresh yellow fruit, tastes too sweet.
There's more of them are kind of other papaya papaya papaya California and Mt. Each papaya or pawpaw is commonly called has a sweet taste and can be beneficial for health.

Papaya Fruit Benefits for Health
(see also: pakan burung manyar)

The benefits that can be obtained by consuming papaya fruit is able to lose weight. Papaya fruit pomace which is also often used as a herbal medicine for treatment of chronic diseases such as liver. Ripe papaya fruit is usually used to facilitate digestion and constipation. Papaya fruit is also believed to aid in breast growth. Because papaya medium containing hormones and vitamin A is good to stimulate the female hormone.


Monday, February 24, 2014

Developers Indonesian Invited Enliven Nokia X

Together with the presence of the Nokia X Android smartphone , Nokia also held a DVLUP " Porting " Day . This activity aims to encourage application developers to convert ( ported ) to be distributed via the Android software store Nokia Store .

( see also: lomba burung )
 Events that can be followed by developers Developer Program members Level Up ( DVLUP ) Nokia will be held in several cities in Indonesia , namely Jakarta, Yogyakarta , Malang , Surabaya and Depok , starting on February 26 to March 8, 2014 .

" If your application runs on top of Android APIs ( eg Jelly Bean ) , then it certainly will instantly be able to run on Nokia X , " the official statement on Nokia Indonesia Community Enthusiast site .

Nokia also provides services such as Here Maps and Nokia In-App Payment with plug - ins available for the Android SDK . Each application is submitted will memperikan 100 XP points for developers in question .

By displaying the store through Nokia Store application that supports operator billing payment mechanism alias pieces pulse , Nokia promises a conversion rate of up to 10 -fold compared with the conventional billing credit card .

( see also: lomba burung bnr )
 Nokia X Series smartphone is promoting the Nokia Store app store instead of Google Play .