Friday, May 2, 2014

Arrange Aceh Islamic Education Curriculum

Government of Aceh is preparing Islamic education curriculum in an effort to realize the implementation of Islamic law in menyuluruh ( kaffah ) in the Muslim -majority provinces .

"We are currently preparing the stage for a curriculum that can hopefully be applied to the 2014-2015 school year , " said Head of Education Aceh Anas M Adam in Banda Aceh , Friday ( 2/5 ) .

After the ceremony of National Education Day ( Education Day ) in 2014 which was attended by the Governor of Aceh Zaini Abdullah and thousands of students in Banda Aceh , he explained that the Qanun ( Regulation ) Education Aceh is currently being revised .

" Islamic education curriculum that will be included in the revised qanun being done related parties in Aceh . So after the completion of the qanun , the next phase will develop the curriculum , " he added .

Anas explained , Islamic education curriculum that will be developed that will be integrated with the general knowledge of religion , not only adds an hour lesson but also improve the ability of teachers .

Head of Education Aceh also explained to the teachers of religious instruction is sufficient , but the public needs to be improved is the teacher who should be given the knowledge of religion .
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But most importantly , according to Anas is how to incorporate learning materials to the general knowledge of Islam . Maybe it will work closely with teachers from boarding school for religious material .

On the other hand , he also mentions the quality of education in Aceh has increased , especially since 2013. It can be seen from the value of the average achievement of students in Aceh increased compared to previous years .

For example , he said . achievement of value for teaching science , Aceh lies ninth in the national rankings . While for social studies , Aceh is ranked 13th nationally .

Then , in terms of ability of teachers , Aceh is getting better compared to previous years . Achievement, teacher Aceh now ranks 28 ( 2013) at the position of the previous 31 .

" We see no change in that ability and the quality of education and teachers in Aceh is getting better . We expect in 2014 , ranking teachers in Aceh will be even better , " said Anas M Adam


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