Monday, May 19, 2014

Fadel Muhammad: Golkar Along the Prabowo

Golkar Party will form a coalition with Gerindra and Prabowo support Presidential Candidate in Presidential Election (Election) next July.

This information is justified Vice Chairman of Golkar Party, Fadel Muhammad, via text message, on Monday (19/05/2014).

"Against Prabowo course," said the former Minister of Marine and Fisheries was related attitudes Golkar in the upcoming presidential election.
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Meanwhile, Deputy Treasurer General Bambang Soesatyo DPP Golkar Party declared, until now there is still a serious conversation between Golkar chairman Bakrie with Gerindra candidates Prabowo.

"Right now there's talk seriously with Prabowo," said Fadel.

Bakrie plans to attend the declaration of a vice presidential candidate who will accompany Prabowo in Polonia House, on Monday at 13:00 pm.

Prabowo is currently supported coalition Gerindra, PPP, PKS and PAN.


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