Tuesday, May 20, 2014

10 Thousand Residents flee Ukraine

At least 10,000 people fled their homes since the beginning of the crisis Ukraine , the Crimean Tatar residents were hardest hit communities , the United Nations refugee agency said on Tuesday .

" Displacement in Ukraine started before the referendum in the Crimea and since then continues to increase , " said Adrian Edwards , spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees ( UNHCR ) mmenyiarkan when that figure .

" Most of those who were displaced are ethnic Tatars , although local authorities have also reported an increase in the number of registrations of ethnic Ukrainians , Russians and mixed families , " he told reporters.
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Mostly, 10,000 people were displaced in the country - remain in Ukraine . " Number of asylum seekers Ukraine in other countries remain low , " said Edwards .

Pro - Moscow forces who took over the Crimean peninsula rferendum held in March - which is not recognized by Ukraine and the international community - and it soon dianekasi southern provinces of Russia .

High tensions between the Muslim Crimean Tatars and ethnic Russians that province .

" Among the reports that we have heard from the refugees is that they leave their homes because of direct threats or worrying lack amanya or tortured , " said Edwards .

" Some reports are diterma presence ancman by telephone or threat messages left on their property , " he said .

Most of the 10,000 refugees moved to the central and western Ukraine , he added .

Ukraine was hit by the fighting between government forces against pro - Moscow separatist groups in the eastern region of the Russian -speaking population of the former Soviet republic .

Edwards said he did not pick the other data for the population fled to eastern Ukraine .

" The situation in the eastern area of ​​obvious causes of displacement . Situation is very difficult for many people . Situation is not stable , " he added , according to AFP .


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