Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Business Achieved Profit from Storage of Goods

England does not have a personal item storage area industry in the last thirty years . However , as quoted by BBC News , Tuesday, April 15, 2014 , the country now has the industry 's largest storage of personal items in Europe .

" Safety deposit ... this business is very different from the shopping center , not a hotel , not a fashion , it's not a sexy business , " said James Gibson , co-founder of Big Yellow Self Storage Company .

Yes , industrial storage of personal items is not a sexy business that could lure entrepreneurs to menggelutinya . However , industrial warehousing proved able to survive during the recession in a row .

Various brands such as SafeStore , Big Yellow and Access has become a terrain juggling colorful giant warehouse . It is a business that generates annual revenues of up to 500 million euros, equivalent to Rp 8, 5 trillion .
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Industrial storage of personal items is the product of a major sociological shift . Danny Dorling , Pofesor Geography from Oxford University said people today have " stuff " six times more than the previous generation .

Goods such as clothing , furniture , technology products , and other trinkets . In the residential population of the UK , items that require storage.

Plus , today's society instinct to save and hoard goods . It became the perfect conditions for explosive storage area .

However , the condition that it be a business opportunity to make a profit . They were able to read the potential to sell the empty space and become a millionaire storage of goods .

One of them is Rodger Mr Dudding readily or known as Mr. Lock Up . He is a private businessman largest private storage of goods in the UK. He has more than 12,000 garage for storage of personal items . Its business portfolio estimated to reach 100 million euros .

Hard times he experienced when he first set up his business . He had to wait for someone to come to him and politely asked his identity .

If the first he hoped no one would hire her garage to store the car , this time just the opposite . She was flooded with orders rental storage place . 80 Percent of hers garages used for domestic storage .

In contrast to Doug Hampson which gives a modern touch to the place where the goods are disewakanya . He made ​​a clean room corridor equipped with brightly colored doors .

Doug influenced style storage of goods while he was in the United States . Historically , the development of storage of personal items is growing in the United States in the 1960s . Every U.S. citizen has access to 7 square feet for storage.

" We want to make customers totally satisfied , we provide a safe place , no one lives in it , and there are no pipes in that room , " he said .

He and his wife founded the Abbey in 1979, Self - Storage . The initial idea is very simple , Hampson bought the former factory and then created a former warehouse storage area .

A business -luggage may sound less sexy in the eyes of society . Unlike investing in gold , every investor tempted to profit from rising gold prices .

However , the owner of the goods storage company can read the opportunity that the more difficult and costly to acquire the building and land to make the limited storage of personal items of business will be required .
Although they are also increasingly slowed expansion . One lesson that can be drawn from this business , that is, if you want to succeed , you have to think differently from the views of the public at large .


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