Friday, April 25, 2014

Android Beat iOS Total Ad Impressions

Although still lagging behind in terms of advertising revenue over iOS , but Android is reported to have passed the number of ad impressions IOS .

Like the latest data from Opera MediaWorks ad tracking that shows that for the first time Android surpassed iOS in the number of mobile ad impressions , as reported by 9to5google .

From these data indicate that Android devices , both phones and tablets , accounted for 42.8 % of mobile ad impressions , while iOS devices accounted for less by 38.2 % .
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But even so the Apple iPhone and iPad are still generating better ad revenue , with 52 % receiving .

Android is gradually rising in the second position on advertising revenue and traffic in recent years , beating the BlackBerry and Symbian .

Google OS is up more than six points compared to this time last year , and now controls 33.5 % of global advertising revenues . This shows most of this thanks to the many devices that use Android , which now reaches nearly 80 % of all smartphones according to IDC .

Samsung still occupies the first position as the top vendor of Android devices , which get the percentage up to 60 % of all mobile ad impressions in the first quarter of this year . Mobile ads mainly driven by the U.S. market , which accounts for over 50 % of all ad traffic . As for the Asia- Pacific region come from emerging markets like China which is almost 23 % , while Europe accounted for only 13 % .


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