Friday, April 18, 2014

Search Rubble MH370, U.S. Drone Comb Sea More In

Search Rubble MH370 , U.S. Drone Comb Sea More In
The search process wreckage Malaysia Airlines MH370 using underwater drones United States Navy , the Bluefin - 21 , now in its fifth day since lowered Monday night , April 14, 2014.

In today's search process , the Joint Coordinating Board Center ( JACC ) in Perth , Australia , said it would force the Bluefin - 21 to comb the sea area at a depth of over 4,500 meters .

In fact , as reported by Channel News Asia , Friday, April 18, 2014 , yellow drones roaming capabilities it only reaches a maximum depth of 4.5 kilometers . Yet according to representatives of JACC , manufacturer Bluefin - 21 permit that risk .

" Expansion of operating parameters allow Bluefin - 21 to comb the ocean floor to a certain extent in the current search area , " said a representative JACC . But they do not mention how the Bluefin - 21 will be forced to dive exceeds the maximum limit .

While sweeping was done four days earlier positive results have not been fruitful . Bluefin - 21 , said JACC , have been looking at an area of ​​110 square kilometers today. But have not seen anything significant on the seabed .

" The results of the analysis of data from the fourth mission did not provide any information , " JACC said in a written statement .

Shipwreck of expectations is also evident from the results of the oil spills were found around the findings of four ping signal last week .

From the results of the initial analysis of samples obtained from oil spills , JACC concluded that liquid fuel instead of air or hydraulic fluid .

Despite entering the fifth day use of underwater drones have not produced results , Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott still giving a maximum of one week opportunity to lower the Bluefin - 21 to comb the entire search area .

" We are confident that this search process will be completed within one week or less , " said Abbott cited the Wall Street Journal .
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Up to one week if it has not been found aircraft debris , then they will stop and reconsider the next step .

Neither Abbott nor the Executive Minister of Transport Malaysia , Hishammuddin Hussein , vowing not to stop the search process Boeing 777-200 ER 's .

They plan to deploy the technology and more advanced tools to be combed in such extreme depths . " We must look first contractor , and the cost of it will certainly big , " said Hishammuddin in Kuala Lumpur .

It is not known whether the search process will still be done by involving several countries or not . " In any event , the search process continues. 's Just a matter of search approach ," said Hishammuddin .


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