Saturday, April 19, 2014

Missing 8 Days, Search Officially Suspended Enriko

Tim volunteers Magelang regency finally stop searching for Enriko ( 24 ) , a student of Nursing Bureu Ngesti Waluyo , PARAKAN , TEMANGGUNG , reported drifting in the river since Saturday ( 4/12/2014 ) ago.

"Today is the eighth day we do a search , but until 16.00 pm there was no signs of the presence of Enriko , so we decided to stop the search . Whole volunteers involved are we pull , " said Volunteer Coordinator Field Magelang regency , Irianto Purwadi , Saturday ( 19/04/2014 ) .

In addition there was no indication of the existence of Enriko , more Irianto , this is due to the physical condition of the volunteers are from fatigue . And logistics that are no longer sufficient .

Irianto mention , at least 30 personnel from various groups of volunteers were involved in the search , while using Progo Regency of Magelang streams . They were joined by teams from BASARNAS Semarang , Magelang regency SAR team and TEMANGGUNG , Body Penanggulanan District Disaster ( BPBD ) , and a number of citizens .

Some points of focus the search , among others , under the bridge and Brojonalan Sigug , Borobudur District , and Bridge Bligo , Sub Ngluwar the dikoordinatori the team of volunteers from Yogyakarta .

" We 've done a search efforts , among others, by monitoring the flow of the river Progo , sweeping , to dive , " said Irianto or familiar called Mbah Jliteng it .

Irianto admit , during the search , volunteers had to face many obstacles such as rivers flood tide conditions , and bad weather . Other constraints , Irianto said , the lack of attention from ( BPBD ) Magelang regency .

While acknowledging that his provision of assistance in the form of inflatable boats from BPBD , but they still have to go through a procedure that is considered difficult .

Previously reported, the student Enriko Ngesti Waluyo PARAKAN Regency Nursing Bureu TEMANGGUNG reported drifting river floods swept Galeh PARAKAN , while fishing on Saturday ( 12/04/2014 ) then . Victims with two friends, Arnaldo ( 19 ) original Lampung and Dimas ( 20 ) original Lumajang , East Java. But Arnaldo and Dimas manage to save himself after a swim to the river bank .
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Hundreds of searchers personnel were able to find the maximum casualties from the scene to extend to the river Progo Magelang Regency which is approximately 40-45 miles . " Then we wait for information from citizens if one sees the corpse Enriko existence , " says Irianro .


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