Saturday, April 26, 2014

Cries of "imaging" and "Life Jokowi" at Pasar Senen

Arrival Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo at the former location of the fire , Block III Pasar Senen , Central Jakarta , Saturday ( 26/04/2014 ) , welcomed traders . There were cheering Jokowi come only for imaging , there is also praise the actions Jokowi fast and responsive in the face of disaster .

Observation , Jokowi wearing a long-sleeved white shirt , came around 16:30 pm . Login via Jalan Pasar Senen , he went directly to the second floor to the market . Step Jokowi traders welcomed various comments around .
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" Ah , another disaster like this to come , not imaging , sir , " shouted one trader who looks middle relax after evacuating the merchandize .

In fact , there is a merchant who claims residents of Solo screaming that he was not helped evacuate merchandise . " Do not be silenced in here alone , " said another trader . However , many traders also praised the arrival Jokowi .

" Life Jokowi . Soon wake shelter sir . Mr. interviews I 've heard on TV , live Jokowi , " said another trader evacuation pause goods .

However , Jokowi did not respond to the shouts of the traders . He remained stepped down muddy the former location of the fire because the fire fighting water . Jokowi was serious discussion with firefighters Jakarta and Director of PD Pasar Jaya Djangga Lubis .

Senen Market Block III engulfed in the flames on Friday morning . Data PD Pasar Jaya said the fire was struck most of the first floor , second floor and third floor . Approximately 3,096 kiosks are victims of fires . This amount consists of 640 stalls , 1,577 counters , 392 and 503 los los clothing . There was no casualty in the fire that the cause is unknown .


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