Monday, April 14, 2014

Instruments can also be a Media Diplomacy

JAKARTA - Indonesian Embassy in Australia , proving that media diplomacy must involve not only political . Musical instrument can be a medium to summon cultural diplomacy .

Remarkable collection of musical instruments and innovative sound installation has been created from the imagination of eight sound artists and instrument makers who work side by side in Yogyakarta .

The tools and the artwork created as part of the Project or the Musical Instrument Makers Builders Project ( IBP ) and is now on display at ICAN . The participants have been collaborating for several weeks to conceptualize , create , perform and exhibit new works that is .
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Australian Ambassador to Indonesia Greg Moriarty said , Musical Instrument Makers Project is part of the Arts and Culture Program embassy in 2014 and is also supported by the Australia -Indonesia .

" This project shows the strength of the relationship between Australian and Indonesian citizens . This is an outstanding example of how art and culture can be used to deepen understanding and create personal relationships and a new profession , "said Ambassador Moriarty , in a written statement received Okezone Australian Embassy , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) .

" Personal relationships and culture are actually balancing the Australia-Indonesia relations . I hope that this project marks the beginning of a sustainable relationship between the creative artists involved , "said Moriarty .

Such works include experimental musical instruments , sound sculptures , installations , conceptual and instructional work , and live art .

Wulia Tintin is an Indonesian artist who lives in Brisbane . Tintin create " Odong - Odong Ding Dang " , where two bikes modified to carry a set of traditional musical instrument angklung .

Kristi Monfries and Joel Stern acted as curator IBP . IBP presents the work of Peter Blamey , Mas Wibowo , Caitlin Franzmann , Dale Gorfinkel , Jompet Kuswidananto , Good Pandega , Wukir Suryadi and Tintin Wulia . The project also includes open programs concerts , exhibitions , workshops and seminars .

Arts and Culture 2014 program of the Australian Embassy lasts from March to November and includes concerts , exhibitions of visual arts , dance , literature , fashion , sports and traveling exhibition of science and innovation . The program also includes a program mole artists and artists from both countries exchange .

Arts and Culture 2014 program supported by the Australian Government through the Australia International Cultural Council , the initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia .

Arts and Culture 2014 program is also generously supported by the ANZ Bank , Australia-Indonesia Institute , University of Tasmania , the Government of Northern Australia , Queensland University of Technology , Government of Victoria , Curtin University , Deakin University , Ernst & Young , Flinders University , Macquarie University , University of New South Wales and the University of Queensland .


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