Monday, March 31, 2014

Where Most Troubled Rarely, Android or iOS?

The Android operating system is expressed as the most stable operating system in the running application . It was revealed from research conducted Crittercism institutions .

The institution assesses the application and system monitoring perfroma " error " is doing research on the millions of apps in the Android and iOS platform to determine how often an application crashes .
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The research , quoted from Digital Trends ( 30/03/2014 ) , the latest Android operating system , KitKat has a low percentage of crashes , which is about 0.7 percent . While iOS 7.1 has a slightly higher percentage , ie 1.6 percent .

For Apple , although the percentage is higher than Android , but the percentage of the total number of crashes of each OS is diminishing . Previously , in iOS 6 , the percentage of problematic application of 2.5 per cent , while in iOS 7.0 to 2.1 percent .

As for Android , KitKat along with Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich be a stable operating system . Version of the OS that has the most bugs by Crittercism is Android Gingerbread , where as many as 1.7 percent of the applications running with crashes .

" Many factors affect the performance of mobile applications , " said CTO Crittercism , Rob Kwok . " More and more mobile platforms are introduced , such as wearable gadgets , adds to the challenge to deliver a consistent user experience of applications , " he added .

But the rank overall , from research conducted by the Crittercism , at least almost half of the current application has the possibility of crashes in the top 1 percent . One-third of existing applications has reached 2 percent the percentage of crashes .

The most frequent application crashes , according to research Crittercism is gaming applications by 4.4 percent . No wonder because this application requires a lot of resources . The second application is an application that frequently crashes media , photos , and videos , amounting to 1.8 percent .
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E - commerce becoming the most dependable applications . The percentage is only 0.4 percent of crashes , sedikti under social and communication applications by 0.6 percent .


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