Friday, March 14, 2014

Wandering Tiger School Page

A flock of wild tigers roam in the yard of a primary school in the Village of New Basilam , River District Nine , Dumai , Riau , after it was " nap " in the terrace houses .
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A resident of Dumai , Fahmi , told AFP on Wednesday said Dumai , Sumatra tiger berkeliarannya in the yard of the 015 SD was first noticed by the school caretaker .

" The tiger appeared the morning around 06.00 pm and most often re- emerged during the hours of the night , " he said .

One of the Neighborhood Association Chairman ( RT 016 ) in Hamlet Geniot , Mohammad Sharif , said that a week ago the tiger is already appearing in the school yard is not fenced , but recently more often seen in the same location .

" The appearance of a tiger in the school yard is still at certain hours , but still anxious , timid tiger came as hours of active learning , " according katanya.Saat Sharif , not a few people who threatened to kill a herd of wild animals that are protected .

" All the people who want to garden or harvesting oil palm , always ready to bring a sharp machete . Parang it just in case if there is a tiger attack , " he explained . (see also: vitamin burung)

The case of the emergence of the tiger Sharif has reportedly admitted to the village government and the Natural Resources Conservation Center ( BKSDA ) , but so far there has been no follow up on the report.

Previous news that at least 20 animals belonging to residents include chickens and ducks flock is thought to have wiped out the tiger


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